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Imagine this...

your business is running so smoothly that you can finally enjoy the flexibility and freedom you’ve always hoped for…

WITHOUT sacrificing your momentum or five-figure+ months 😎

🚀And you’ve learned to operate like a BOSS as a Christian CEO so you can keep this feeling no matter how large your company grows.

🔥 Let’s make this your story!🔥

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You don't have to MAKE more when you learn to KEEP more.

There are so many coaches out there telling you how to do more, be more, and make more. 

How to hustle and grind your way to the top and strive for every ounce of success you get.

That’s fine and dandy for them. But that’s not the philosophy we live by around these parts. 

If I’m coming into your world it’s to help you release the full potential of what’s already in your hand.

Because God’s already given you exactly what you need.

You already worthy, and enough, and capable, and equipped to receive every ounce of success, flexibility, and freedom that God has for you,

You just need to learn to maximize the resources at your fingertips.

You need to learn how to...

❌ Stop Operating in Hunger

Working yourself to the bone for every ounce of progress

❌ Stop Operating in Upkeep

Having just enough time and energy to get by and reach your money goals

✅ And start Operating in Overflow

Receiving more than what the Lord has promised you through Godly Guidance, Intentional Infrastructure, and Amplified Action. 

That is the key to running like a Heavenly CEO!

The Seven Heavenly Wealth Access Codes

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Unlock the MASTER ACCESS CODE to receive GOD'S EVERLASTING PROMISES in Your Christian Business… while maintaining your morals and making mad money!

Overflow in your Christian Company is as easy as...


Take a Step Back

Figure our what's working and what's not


Get Organized

Create processes and systems for ease


Find & Close Gaps

Seal up leaks in your business pipelines


Reap the Rewards

Enjoy more flexibility and freedom without fear!

Coach Anj aka The Christian Biz Boss

Your Friendly Neighborhood Chaos Coordinator

Anjanee Ferguson-Smith is an operations strategist and international executive coach who empowers Christian business owners to create total freedom through systems.

She believes servant-leaders deserve to make an impact AND create wealth without burning themselves out or compromising their beliefs.

Through online software and automation, Anjanee teaches purpose-driven entrepreneurs to run their Christian, nonprofit, and mission-based businesses from a place of ease and excellence and set themselves up for years of lasting success no matter how quickly or how large they grow. Learn more at TheChristianBizBoss.com!

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More Clients and Money ≠ More Stress and Strife

Especially as a Christian CEO and chosen vessel of God when you have...

Spirit-led Strategy

to guide you each day as you complete your impactful work

Task Management Mastery

to focus on the RIGHT tasks that move the needle

Organized Methods

to get get work done and get it done well every single time

Focused Faith

to help you see and prepare for the bigger picture

Time Management Mastery

to get more done, with less effort, and in less time

Systems for Support

through our signature Billionaire Support System

Consecrated Commitment

to help you put on the full armor of God every day

Team Management Mastery

 to make sure your entire company is moving on one accord

Data-Driven Direction

to make moves in your business based on facts and faith, not feelings

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